Frequently Asked

Before class

~ How old do I have to be to take driver's ed?
Students must 15 years of age on or before the first day of class.

~ Where are the classes held?
The classes are held via Zoom with the final exam held at the Hudson Municipal Offices.

~ How much class time and driving time is there?
Students must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction with classes broken down into 10 three-hour sessions. The 10 hours of behind-the-wheel driving is broken down into five two-hour sessions.

~ I don't have my child's original birth certificate to photocopy. Where do I get a new one?
Hospital-issued birth certificates are not submissible. You must contact the city or town in which your child was born and arrange for them to send you a new state-issued birth certificate.

~ Why do I have to send you a photocopy of my child's original state-issued birth certificate?
We require that you submit a photocopy of the original birth certificate so that we can verify a student's age before they begin driver's education.

~ Will I get the copy of my child's birth certificate back?
The copy of your child's birth certificate will be returned to you at the end of the driver's education course.

~ I play sports/have a job/am going on vacation with my family. Can I still take driver's ed?
We always do our best to accommodate the busy lives of our students. Please supply us well in advance with all the information we need to work around your schedule as best we can. If suitable arrangements can't be made, your name can be put on the list for the next driver's ed session.

~ What are the fees?
Class fee: A nontransferable fee of $575.00 is charged per student. A $100.00 deposit must accompany the registration form to enroll. The remainder of the fee ($475.00) is due on or before the first day of class.

~ What types of payment do you accept?
Class fee: We accept only checks, money orders or cash at this time. Please make checks payable to Pineo's School of Driving.

~ Where can I get a registration form?
A downloadable registration form is available if you click here or click on the Registration Form link above. If you're a student at Central High School in Corinth, you can request one from the Guidance Office. Forms also are available at the Corinth Town Office. Or you can call us to request one be mailed to you.

~ How do I sign up for a class?
You need to register for a class by calling us to request your name be placed on the upcoming class list. Then mail in your registration form along with your deposit fee and a photocopy of the original state-issued birth certificate.

~ When will I find out when class starts?
You will be notified of the new class date and time one to two weeks before class begins.

~ What do I do if I have a medical condition listed on the registration form?
Before you can begin driving, your doctor must fill out a special form and the state has to approve of you driving. The form can be obtained at your doctor's office or from us.

During class

~ Do parents have to drive with their child and the instructor during the course?
Yes. Parents are required to accompany their child and the instructor for a minimum of 60 minutes during the course. We usually request the parent spend a full two-hour session with their child and the instructor near the end of the course.

~ What happens if I miss a class or driving time?
There will be a $50 fee for each missed class or driving time. Exceptions to this rule are sudden illness, family emergency or pre-arranged absence. The student will not be allowed to continue classroom instruction or scheduled driving until the $50 fee for each absence has been paid. Makeup classes and driving times will be scheduled at the instructor's discretion.

~ What kind of score do I need to pass the final exam?
You must receive a score of 80 percent or better to pass the course. Students also are required to complete all reading assignments and quizzes.

After class

~ When will I receive my permit?
Upon successful completion of the course, necessary paperwork with instructions will be given to the student.

~ How old do I have to be to obtain my license?
You have to be 16 years old.

~ How much extra driving time do I have to have before I can apply for my road test?
A parent, step-parent, guardian or licensed driver at least 20 years of age has to certify in the log book that their child has completed 70 hours of driving time including 10 hours of night driving after the course. The log book will be given to the student at the end of the course.

~ Where can I get a new log book if I've lost mine?
To receive a new log book, you can call the BMV or us. For contact info, click here.

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